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Invisible Spy Camera & USB Charger- HD 1080P (32GB Memory Card Optional)

It's not just a USB Wall Charger that can charge your phone and other electronic devices... 

It's also as a real-time hidden wireless recording security camera with so many out of this world features!!!!
This High-Tech 1080P HD Usb Wall Charger with Invisible Wireless Security Camera can be used in so many ways:
✔ Catch someone who broke in to your home.
✔ Use to catch a cheater.
✔ Catch a thief red handed.
✔ Keep a good watch on your kids.
✔ Great to spy on a Nanny.
Basically anything and anywhere you need to monitor 
EXTREME Stealth! Perfect mini camera and home camera for security.
Virtually Undetectable Pinhole lens
Durable ABS Construction
Covert Design Fools Everyone
User friendly Operation
Plug in to record, Unplug to stop!
Real time video and audio recording with date and time stamp
No Battery Needed!
Works on A/C Outlet Power!
Of course feel free to use it to charge your cell phone!
Get one for every room in your house and monitor from anywhere with your iOS or Android device! All you need is WIFI!

Features 2 Modes of Recording:
1. Motion Detection Mode - Starts recording when movement is detected.
2. Continuous Cycle Mode - Continuously records and overwrites oldest file recorded when memory runs out.

32GB Memory Card Optional only for US and EU Plugs.


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